I have a book deal!

Carina Press and I have reached an agreement to bring three Joe Gale Mysteries into the world. I’m thrilled at the prospect of working with the fine editorial team at Carina to introduce readers to Joe Gale, the crime reporter at the Portland Daily Chronicle, who is determined to stay ahead of the Tweeters and bloggers who populate the modern media landscape.

Quick Pivot, a tale of murder and deeply buried secrets in a Maine mill town, will be first out of the gate in the spring of 2015. Moving back and forth between 2014 and 1968, it involves a murder, a cover up, multiple red herrings, numerous twists, some hairpin turns and a bit of romance, not necessarily in that order.

Carina Press is a digital-first publisher, and tremendously savvy about how to get stories to readers in this second decade of the twenty-first century, so I hope you’ll fire up your e-readers and jump into my fictional world of Maine crime and consequences.

Many thanks to my wonderful agent, Marlene Stringer, for her diligent efforts on my behalf, and a grateful shout-out to the amazing crew that organizes the annual New England Crimebake conference, where I first connected with Marlene.

For everyone who urged me to keep working at my writing, thank you. Your encouragement kept me going when the words weren’t falling together.

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