Many thanks to the reporters and reviewers who have written about my Joe Gale series. Here are links to a number of interviews and reviews:

Cynthia Chow in King’s River Life called Truth Beat “a moving, compelling novel” in this review, which coincided with KRL’s Earth Day feature of ebook mysteries:

Bill Bushnell in the Kennebec Journal/Central Maine Morning Sentinel, reviewing Truth Beat:

Katrina Niidas Holm in Crimespree Magazine:

Bob Keyes in the Portland Press Herald:

Deb Fowler at the Feathered Quill blog:

Andrew Rice in Keep Me Current:

Giulia of the Free to Write: Free to Read blog:

And here are links to some of my blog posts about the first Joe Gale novel, Quick Pivot:

At the Carina Press blog:

Jungle Red Writers:

The Crime Writers’ Chronicle:

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