Happy 2012

Happy 2012

It’s a new year out there today, which is fine by me. 2011 had more than its share of sadness and worry, so I’m happy to turn the page. And I’m a big fan of even numbers, so the very thought of 2012 cheers me. I even like the sound of it. Twenty-twelve. Nice.

In Maine, the weather was gorgeous. We enjoyed a long, pleasurable walk at Scarborough Beach, where I snapped this photo. I dealt with a big old branch that tumbled from a tree into the yard one windy night last week. Made a chicken-balsamic-swiss chard thing in the slow cooker, which turned out to be a sublime dinner over polenta.

I’m not really an annual resolution type gal — my promises to myself occur more frequently than once a year. But I don’t sidestep the ritual self-betterment vows just because it’s January first, so here are my aspirations for the year ahead:

1. Keep to the daily writing schedule. It really does make a difference.

2. Get thee back to the gym, Brenda. The holidays are over.

3. Don’t neglect an opportunity to tell dear ones they are loved. Actually, show, don’t tell.

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